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My 5 Mental Health Tips

Tip #1

Engage in positive self-talk with statements (e.g. affirmations, mantras) like “I can do this”, “It’s going to be ok”, “Keep going” etc. can be very helpful.

Create your own and write them down (e.g. on posters or cue cards) and regularly say them to yourself.

Post your positive statements in the comments.

Tip #2

Break it down- when we are overwhelmed, it is helpful to break things down into smaller steps, so that the challenge doesn’t seem so daunting and insurmountable. When a task/challenge is broken down into smaller, manageable steps, it can be more easily tackled and achieved.

Tip #3

Let go- in life there are many things that we have little or no control over. We do our self a huge disservice by stressing out and worrying about these things. Let go of this mental and emotional “baggage” and focus on the things you can control. This saves a lot of energy which we can use to overcome life’s challenges.

Tip #4

Positive mind frame can help reduce stress and increase problem solving abilities. When we’re stressed and overwhelmed, we can get caught in a negative thought loop and it may be difficult to think of logical solutions to problems. A positive mind frame can be achieved by rest and relaxation and by engaging in interests or pleasurable activities.

Tip #5

Talk it over- expressing anxieties, concerns and fears is a crucial way we can overcome challenges and limitations. Sharing with a trusted family member, friend, colleague or professional can help us gain distance and perspective on the situation. It also helps us feel that we are not alone in our struggle. This is an invaluable coping skill when facing difficulties and challenges.

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